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International Conference on Dentistry & Oral Care, will be organized around the theme “Bridging Excellence in Dentistry and Oral Care: A vision for Excellence”

Dentistry 2018 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Dentistry 2018

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OMF surgery is unique in requiring a dual qualification in medicine (Dental anesthesiology) and dentistry, and is often seen as the bridge between medicine and dentistry, treating conditions that require expertise from both backgrounds such as head and neck cancers, salivary gland diseases, facial disproportion, facial pain, temporomandibular joint disorders, impacted teeth, Pediatric craniofacial and cleft surgery, Antibiotic prophylaxis and early dental implant failure,  cysts and tumours of the jaws as well as numerous problems affecting the oral mucosa such as mouth ulcers and infections and also diagnosis and management of dento-facial deformities.

  • Track 1-1TMJ Disorders
  • Track 1-2Diagnosis and management of dento-facial deformities
  • Track 1-3Dental anesthesiology
  • Track 1-4Otorhinolaryngology
  • Track 1-5Oral Pathology
  • Track 1-6Cleft Lip and Palate
  • Track 1-7Oral Trauma
  • Track 1-8Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Track 1-9Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery
  • Track 1-10Antibiotic prophylaxis and early dental implant failure

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics is a study on the arrangement of the teeth and the dental arches (the maxilla and the mandible). The practice includes diagnosis and correction of malocclusion and other abnormalities of the developing orofacial structuresMalaligned teeth are teeth that are not corrected positioned and are harder to keep clean and are at risk of early loss due to tooth decay and periodontal disease, and cause extra stress on the chewing forces on the masticatory muscles that can lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome and neck and back pain. It can be treated by Orthodontic treatment by giving braces or other appliances.

  • Track 2-1Orthodontic treatment
  • Track 2-2Orthodontic appliances
  • Track 2-3Dentofacial appliances
  • Track 2-4Treatment for malocclusion of teeth
  • Track 2-5Recent Advances in Orthodontics
  • Track 2-6Invisalign Techniques
  • Track 2-7Management of Cleft Lip and Palate
  • Track 2-8Dento orthopedics

Pediatric dentists are dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. They have the experience and qualifications to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout the various stages of childhood. Pediatric dentists provide comprehensive oral health care that includes the Infant oral health exams, Pediatric Endodontics, Dental caries and Pediatric oral health research.

  • Track 3-1Pediatric Oral Health Research
  • Track 3-2Infant oral health
  • Track 3-3 Dental caries
  • Track 3-4 Pediatric Endodontics
  • Track 3-5 habits and Dental problems
  • Track 3-6Factors which causes tooth decay in children
  • Track 3-7Craniofacial and cleft surgery
  • Track 3-8Management and treatment

Tooth restorations are the various ways your dentist can replace missing teeth or repair missing parts of the tooth structure which is most commonly discussed topic at the Upcoming dental conferences. Tooth structure can be missing due to decay, deterioration of a previously placed restoration, or fracture of a tooth. Examples of restorations include the Dental Fillings, Dental Crowns, Cosmetic Dentures, Bridges and Implants.

Prosthodontists are experts in the restoration and replacement of teeth - they make smiles look beautiful and function the way they should. Maxillo-facial prosthetics, Implant-based prostheses, Management of temporo-mandibular disorders, Dentures, Crowns, bridges, and full or partial dentures are just some of the procedures that can help you regain your smile and improve your appearance and self-confidence. Another option is dental implants, a more permanent solution that has improved greatly over the last ten years, thanks to the pioneering techniques of prosthodontists

  • Track 4-1Strategic Regeneration: Biomaterial Selection and Surgical Techniques
  • Track 4-2Alveolar Ridge Regenerative Strategies
  • Track 4-3Alveolar Ridge Regenerative Strategies

Bone joining can repair insert locales with insufficient bone structure because of past extractions, gum sickness or wounds. The bone is either acquired from a tissue bank or your own particular bone is taken from the jaw, hip or tibia (underneath the knee). Sinus bone unions are additionally performed to supplant bone in the back upper jaw. Likewise, unique films might be used that disintegrate under the gum and ensure the bone unite and energize bone recovery. Real bone unions are commonly performed to repair deformities of the jaws. These techniques are routinely performed in a working room and require a healing centre stay. The maxillary sinuses are behind your cheeks and on top of the upper teeth. Sinuses are similar to exhaust rooms that have nothing in them. At the point when these upper teeth are uprooted, there is frequently only a slender mass of bone isolating the maxillary sinus and the mouth. Dental inserts need issue that remains to be worked out them set up. At the point when the sinus divider is slight, it is difficult to place dental inserts in this bone.

  • Track 5-1Bone Grafting
  • Track 5-2Implants and Prosthesis
  • Track 5-3Implant surgery and its fundamentals
  • Track 5-4Advanced surgeries and complex cases
  • Track 5-5Conditions of Osseointegration
  • Track 5-6Live Implant Surgery

Patients' expectations of service have also increased. The more they invest in their oral health and dentistry the higher their expectations of service. Patients are more informed about the advances in dentistry with programs like "Extreme Makeover." More and more dentists also have external marketing programs including radio, television, websites etc. and patients realize they have choices. Dentists can now offer patients advanced choices like Laser dentistry, Esthetic dentistry, Digital dentistry and Implant dentistry.   

  • Track 6-1 Dental Ethics
  • Track 6-2 Endodontics and Hypnodontics
  • Track 6-3Techniques
  • Track 6-4Current challenges in Dental Education
  • Track 6-5Organizations of oral health systems
  • Track 6-6Primary care and dental health education

A branch of medicine which deals with study, diagnosis, prevention & treatment of conditions, diseases & disorders related to Oral cavity & maxillofacial area. Vincent infection-A painful disease of the mouth characterized by grey ulceration of the mucous membrane, bleeding of gums, foul odour to the breath etc. Oral Cancer - Type of cancer that can develop in any part of the mouth due to abnormal growth of cells. It occurs mostly in people over 40years of age. Dentures- Artificial replacement of one or more teeth, especially false teeth. Sensitivity- Seen when the enamel layer is too thin. It is characterized by severe pain & discomfort in the mouth. Cavities- Permanent damage of teeth which leads to tiny holes. Bleeding gums & several other Case Reports related to Dentistry.

  • Track 7-1Dental Diseases and Disorders
  • Track 7-2Complete denture occlusion
  • Track 7-3Geriatric Dentistry
  • Track 7-4Preventive dentistry for children
  • Track 7-5Oral health and dental hygiene in adolescents